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Parent Handbook 2017.pdfParent Handbook 2017685 KB
Investing for Success - NQR - Giru State School.PDF2017 Investing for Success PlanInvesting for Success - NQR - Giru State School256 KB
2017-GSS-I4S-snapshot-report.pdf2017 Investing for Success Snapshot Report2017-GSS-I4S-snapshot-report286 KB
2017TuckshopMenu.pdf2017 Tuckshop Menu2017TuckshopMenu360 KB
GiruSS-2017-2020SchoolPlan.pdf2017-2020SchoolPlan (PDF 2.7MB)GiruSS-2017-2020SchoolPlan2746 KB
Application For Exemption From Compulosry Schooling.docxApplication for Exemption from Compulsory SchoolingApplication For Exemption From Compulosry Schooling835 KB
Behaviour Reflection Sheet Visual.pdfBehaviour Reflection Sheet Visual (PDF 537KB)Behaviour Reflection Sheet Visual538 KB
Behaviour Reflection Sheet Written.pdfBehaviour Reflection Sheet Written (PDF 474KB)Behaviour Reflection Sheet Written475 KB
Booklist_3_4.docxBooklist_3_4 (DOC 22KB)Booklist_3_425 KB
Booklist_5_6.docxBooklist_5_6 (DOC 22KB)Booklist_5_625 KB
Booklist_P_1_2.docxBooklist_P_1_2 (DOC 22KB)Booklist_P_1_225 KB
GiruSS-ComplaintsManagementPolicy.pdfComplaints Management PolicyGiruSS-ComplaintsManagementPolicy314 KB
Great Results Guarantee 2015.PDFGreat Results Guarantee 2015Great Results Guarantee 2015259 KB
GSS Executive Summary  2016.pdfGSS Executive Summary  2016 (PDF 329KB)GSS Executive Summary 2016330 KB
Giru State School Homework Policy-2015.pdfHomework policy 2015Giru State School Homework Policy-2015306 KB
Managing Inappropriate Behaviours.pdfManaging Inappropriate Behaviours flowchart (PDF 266KB)Managing Inappropriate Behaviours267 KB
Matrix of Expected Behaviours.docxMatrix of Expected Behaviours (DOC 16KB)Matrix of Expected Behaviours26 KB
5. Minor_and_MajorBehaviours.docMinor and Major Behaviours (DOC 66KB)5. Minor_and_MajorBehaviours76 KB
ppp_parent.pdreading f.pdfPause, prompt, praiseppp_parent.pdreading f379 KB
ResponsibleBehaviourPlanForStudents.pdfResponsibleBehaviourPlanForStudents (PDF 5MB)ResponsibleBehaviourPlanForStudents4819 KB
Under 8s Day.pdfUnder 8s DayUnder 8s Day805 KB